Awwesome is a blog for introverts who want to kick ass, to always believe in, have the courage to be themselves and realize that being you is freaking awwesome.

My name is Roy Quilor, a Product Designer from Hertford, England, who loves minimalism, self-development, mixed martial arts, movies, fitness, design and development and many other weird things.

All the small things

Four years ago, I became a father which has changed my thinking on how to approach life. It’s not always the drastic changes that make you want to improve. Sometimes it’s an event or an accumulation of them that can drive you to better yourself. I will share my experiences and stories to hopefully inspire one of you.

It’s about the small changes if you want to make big strides in your life, and I’m still growing as a person, so let’s learn together and remember:

It’s about the journey and not the destination

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Thanks for reading!