What are you waiting for? Nickelback inspired post

waiting Photo by Greg Rakozy

Are you waiting on a lightning strike?

Recently my wife suffered losing two close relatives and my mother lost her brother. This led me to prioritise my health and quit my job. You never know when your time comes. I started training in MMA to increase my fitness and learn a new skill.

Are you waiting for the perfect night?

I waited 6 years to propose to my girlfriend. A year later we tied the knot and now blessed with a beautiful daughter. If I procrastinated and remained laid back, this amazing situation I’m in may have never been.

Don’t you wanna learn to deal with fear?

Public speaking is death to me, but a surprise invite to speak gave me an opportunity to face my demons. I’m still alive, check out my first ever talk on becoming a web designer with great help reading Presentation skills for introverts by Rob Dix.

Don’t you wanna take the wheel and steer?

Time was passing me by, consumed by my job. The weekend was recovery days and finding ways to improve myself. I lost touch with the outside world, paying bills first and living second. I read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, my life feels reborn.

Believe in every dream that you got.

I had to fight myself to quit my job and take the time to just slow everything down. Don’t let dreams be dreams.

You know you gotta give it your all and don’t be afraid if you fall.

My time off led me down a different path of property investing, I have failed so far, but will succeed. I’ve met some amazing people along the journey. My love for design is everything to me, but results, numbers, and the business side has opened my baggy eyes. I’ve fallen many times, but like my baby girl, just get back up and keep on.

Are you waiting for the right excuse?

I have a book of excuses, but to defeat them all in one go is to just say, I’m doing it with or without you. Get past embarrassment and bad results. Take that first step. Talking to myself like a psycho.

While you’re waiting it’s the time you lose.

I’ve waited and waited and it resulted in nothing. Are you gonna wait till something serious happens? Your heart still works so losing time is inevitable. But waiting is your choice.

Time is on our side, but only if you do something about it.

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