Who is your best friend?

best friend Photo by Pawel Kadysz

Being an introvert, a loner, the only child growing up, my Dad asked me that question. Embarrassed and ashamed to admit that I didn’t have many friends let alone a best friend.

Out of pride, a few names came out, but he could see straight through me. The awkward silence kicked in.

Your mum is your best friend.

Always cooking, cleaning, worrying when you come home late. Never asleep until you get back.

This was so true, a sigh of relief, tears of joy about to stream down my face. But I also felt ashamed, failing to recognise our wonderful relationship. I took things for granted.

We watched movies, ate together, went on holidays. I’m lucky to have a caring loving mother. My heart goes out to all the hardworking mummies out there devoted to their kids. You are the backbone of society.

Since my beautiful daughter was born, I understand the hard work and dedication required. If I had the voice of an angel, the song: The wind beneath my wings would be a perfect fit.

Are you kidding me?

Hang on a minute, your mum doesn’t count as a best friend, said my inner negative voice. Twenty years later, new friends came and gone.

The feeling of being alone was comfortable, and I realised that there is nothing wrong with not having a best friend.

Having someone who is loyal, honest and truthful to you, which can hurt, for me is a great friend. You could hang out once a year and you feel relaxed and comfortable around them. They are hard to find.

When that person acts the same with you and when you’re around other people it’s a sign that this person is real.

But to express oneself honestly, not lying to oneself, And to express myself honestly – Now that, my friend, is very hard to do.

– Bruce Lee

The quote can have different meanings, but when I applied this to my relationships, we were on a whole new level. Despite the loss of some friends, the real ones tend to stick around.

When you hold back from saying or accepting the truth your mind will always remind you. It’s like a mental baggage that you carry throughout your whole life until you release it. So being honest upfront can save you all that mental torture.

If your Mum, Dad, Sister, Brother, Dog or Cat is your great friend, tell them how amazing they are. Acknowledging them from time to time won’t hurt.

If you never done it, now’s the time, they won’t be around forever.

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